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Focus on Artificial Intelligence:
The AI Market will only continue to grow

In the last decade, AI has grown rapidly and it’s led to the confluence of three truly exciting trends:

  • Distributed sensor networks in consumer and industrial devices have become capable of producing an enormous amount of real time and real world data.
  • Machine learning and artificial general intelligence frameworks have surpassed human level performance for a variety of cognitive tasks (and are continuing to getting smarter).
  • Autonomous land, air and sea-born robotic vehicles have seen dramatic cost reductions whilst steadily increasing their actuator capabilities.

These trends open up completely new application areas for virtual or embodied intelligent autonomous agents, ranging from the intelligent protection of cyber physical assets to predictive maintenance and factory control and truly intelligent virtual or physical personal assistants (and that’s just scratching the surface).

With the AI field continuing to expand, improve and disrupt, we’re looking to invest in innovative teams leveraging breakthrough defensible intellectual property for emerging business opportunities in these areas.

We are focused on early stage opportunities, startups that have a product launched and initial indications of growth.

Please send business plans in industrial Artificial Intelligence to Christian Reitberger.


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