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Focus on Food Tech & Ag Tech:
A Multi-trillion Dollar Market

Food is a $7 trillion market that is currently subject to significant disruption driven by the ongoing challenges of not only feeding a growing global population, but doing so in a healthy and sustainable way.

Investments in Food Tech so far have predominantly focused in the food delivery space, with the dominant theme being to bring digital convenience to the existing, mainly unhealthy, takeaway space. But, we anticipate a wider, more positive explosion of disruption and innovation in the food system, changing it all for the better.

We believe that the opportunity exists for innovative startups to drive and benefit from building a better agriculture and food system. That is why we’re looking to invest in fast growing, better Food Tech and Ag Tech companies that can provide a powerful catalyst for change. We are focused on early stage opportunities, startups that have a product launched and initial indications of growth.

Please send business plans in Food/Agriculture Technology to Helene Verger.


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