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"Aloqa can revolutionize the way people use mobile phones by making it a lot easier to find anything on the go – a restaurant, a friend or tracking a child. We take away the pain associated with conventional browser based mobile search and have resolved the major issues facing location-aware services – battery and bandwidth usage, and privacy."

Georg Treu
Founder, Aloqa

Wellington contact:
Eberhard Plattfaut

Since launch a global player

Offices in Palo Alto and Munich, an international management team and customers in diverse developed countries: Founded in 2007 in Munich by a group of computer science PhDs specializing in scalable multi-body position tracking and location based services, Aloqa managed to become a veritable global player in just 3 years. The company provides a free mobile service that proactively notifies users about interesting places, services, events and people close to where they are. Aloqa distributes its product as a mobile application for smartphone platforms, focusing on Android. Until September 2010 more than one million users have already downloaded its software.

Since the launch of its service in Q2 2009, Aloqa has grown with astonishing rates and always exceeded its original goals. Wellington Partners supported this rapid growth course in many ways. Mainly the two Venture Partners Ram and Eberhard with huge experience and an excellent network in the mobile and Internet space collaborated closely with the management and opened doors of potential customers and partners on both sides of the Atlantic. This support enabled the young company to roll-out its software simultaneously in Europe and the U.S. Wellington also played a crucial role in the process of winning the former Google manager Sanjeev Agrawal as CEO. Later on, Sanjeev used Wellington’s Palo Alto office for meetings with his growing list of customers and partners in Silicon Valley.

The success of Sanjeev and his management team raised the attention of major high-tech players during 2010. In September 2010, the company was acquired by Motorola and became an integral part of the Motorola Mobility business.

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