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"We want to thank our long-term investor Wellington Partners for staying with us for such a long time. Their support and advice has been invaluable in making eCircle what it is today."

Volker Wiewer
CEO, eCircle AG

Wellington contact:
Rolf Dienst

Staying power is paying off

In September 1999, Wellington Partners invested in eCircle AG, Munich. Founded in 1999, the start-up aimed to accelerate the communication of companies, associations and individuals by using innovative technologies to distribute emails and other online content. Ten years later, the company has evolved to Europe’s largest digital direct marketing company, owning the most comprehensive permission marketing database for email campaigns and lead generation as well as a state-of-art technology solution for digital direct marketing.

Wellington Partners supported the company and its management team for ten years as we strongly believe in a bright future for online marketing; Wellington founding partner Rolf Dienst played an active role in the board for a long time. Nevertheless, the company had to cope with some huge challenges on its way to success. After the burst of the dot.com bubble in 2000, the company was forced to focus its business model on business customers; the recession of 2002/2003 narrowed the budgets of this target group significantly. Together with the management team, Wellington Partners made sure that eCircle overcame such cricital situations and get stronger year-by-year. In 2009, leading organisations including Volvo, Otto Group Nintendo, ADAC and many more trust their consistent customer care to the long-term experience of more than 200 eCircle employees across Europe.

In late 2009, the company and its original investors decided to start a bidding process to find a partner for eCircle who will ensure further growth and investments in new technologies and products; the company was advised by the experienced manager Arno Bahlmann in this process. Boston-based growth private equity firm TA Associates, advised by Altium Capital, won this process and bought the majority of the company at year-end 2009 for more than € 60 million – a successful exit for Wellington Partners and a proof that our long-term strategy and staying power is paying off.

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