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Backing a service pioneer for the mobile age

In the autumn of 2009, net mobile AG, a full-service provider for mobile and interactive value added services, has been acquired by Japanese Docomo. The interest of the leading mobile communications company in the most mobile-maniac country proves the achievements of net mobile’s management team since its foundation in 2000.

The success of net mobile is based on a unique technology platform, which enables a broad range of content to be used on mobile handsets including ringtones, games, interactive telco services, mobile payment services and mobile interactive TV. Many years before the launch of the iPhone, the German-based company was truly a pioneer in the mobile application market. Wellington Partners have accompanied the management as investors since 2002.

In the summer of 2005, net mobile went public at the Frankfurt stock exchange. The IPO gave the company the ability to accelerate its strong and profitable growth. In 2009, net mobile partners with all large music labels and holders of rights in the film, television and games industry. The company has 500 customers around the globe, national and global telephone providers as well as media companies and TV stations. Net mobile’s strong and broad market position in Europe is the main driver for Docomo’ offer. With the help of net mobile, the Japanese want to strengthen their position in Europe. 

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